Nearly ready for the exhibition

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Everyone involved in the Threads project has worked really hard and we’ve produced some brilliant collective work. Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting everything together and working out how to show the work and the excerpts of conversation side by side in the final exhibition.

I’ve been resisting the urge to just show off on a big scale, instead making sure that everything we put together for the exhibition in some way communicates the collaborative nature of the project and showcases the work we have all made.

Launch Night is from 6pm-9pm, Thursday 9 June at Colours May Vary.
Then exhibition runs from 10 to 30 June, with an artist talk on Sunday 19 June at 2pm

For information on the project and how it has developed since last October have a look at the About page.

Here’s a little taster of what the exhibition will look like.

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4 thoughts on “Nearly ready for the exhibition

  1. Looking good!!
    I’ve been telling people about it, so hope they go to the Exhibition at some point.
    Do you need any of us to do anything or are you ok setting up etc?

    1. Thanks Carole, that’s great.
      I think we’re ok for the set up and everything, probably best to keep it to minimum number of people so there’s not too much standing around. Thanks very much for the offer though.
      I’d love you to be on the panel for the artist talk if you can – 2pm Sun 19th – I’ll send out an email soon. x

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