Making work for the exhibition

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Rather excitingly, we have got to the stage in the project where we’re collaboratively making work for the exhibition and recording the conversations we have whilst we make that work.

It’s been lovely to get know the participants who have signed up for this stage of the project a little better, and for us all to spend time together just making.

Lots of people said how rare it was that they gave themselves that much time (we worked for about 5 hours at each session) to just sit and talk and do something relaxing that they enjoyed. And how much better they felt afterwards.

Participants have a veto on their words so I’m not going to give any sneak peeks here! So now starts the pretty massive job of transcribing 20 or so hours of talking…

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One thought on “Making work for the exhibition

  1. The sessions have been FANTASTIC!!! I love curve stitching now, and am so pleased that I came. It has all been so much fun, really relaxing and therapeutic too, as well as producing some beautiful work and meeting some lovely people.
    Thank you Alison, for your inspiration, patience, calmness and for sharing your skills with us all. It has done me so much good.
    I am really looking forward to your exhibition, and am proud to be a part of it.

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