Progress so far

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So, at the point of setting up this website there’s been quite a lot of thinking, planning and organising happening already.

I’ve been noticing for years how group conversations are different when we’re all working on something that occupies our hands and the bit of our brain that worries about stuff. As I pondered on this whilst curve stitching, it dawned on me that an exhibition combining the technique with that kind of group conversation, represented typographically, might just be a brilliant idea.

So, a few months down the line I have the very wonderful Lee Goater on board, funding from the very brilliant Leeds Inspired, a website and publicity to encourage people onto workshops in the pipeline. I’ve also worked with some very enthusiastic Arts and Minds Network members and am looking forward to showing Heydays and East Street Arts adult learners how to curve stitch too.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to the lovely test group of people who came to my house with their knitting/sewing etc in September so that I could record their conversations and get an idea of how the real sessions might work. More about how that went in the next blog post I think…

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