Exhibition is up and feedback is great

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The exhibition is up in Colours May Vary and has been extended so you can see it until 10 July. It’s looking great and I’m feeling very proud of what we have all achieved together. The opening night was buzzing and fun, with a lot of great feedback from the evening and from the artist talk last Sunday.

Visitors have particularly liked the way the conversations and curve stitching work together, how poignant and balanced the words we used are, and how professional it was as an exhibition of community-based work. This feedback was really valuable to me as these were all things I was particularly keen to get right.

Many of the participants came to the opening night and I was overjoyed with (and slightly overwhelmed by) their reactions, which matched my feelings of pride about how wonderful all the individual pieces of work looked once they were put together. Many of us noticed that we no longer noticed the mistakes we knew we’d made in some individual pieces of work; it was as if they disappeared once everything was brought together as a whole. For many participants it was also very powerful and validating to see their words and conversations displayed so prominently.

Below, in no particular order, are all the photos of the final exhibition.

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